Wildlife Education Programs

Experience the wonderful world of wildlife up close and personal! Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center offers live wildlife programs for schools, corporate events, community centers, birthday parties, camps, or other public and private events! Most programs can be adapted to suit age and size of audience!  Please contact Jackie Kent (jackie@phillywildlife.org) for more information. 

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All Ages

What do wildlife rehabilitators do? What role do they play in helping wildlife? Find out with an engaging program full of stories and interesting facts about local wildlife!

-Learn about some species common to PA and their amazing adaptations.

-Meet our wild animal ambassadors.

-Find out what YOU can do to help wildlife!

Program length 45-60 minutes

Cost: $250



All Ages

Who doesn’t love an owl? During this presentation you will discover the different owl species common to Pennsylvania!

-Discover their fascinating features from head to toe.

-Meet one of our Ambassador Owls (plus a special guest!)

-Learn about the importance of owls in our ecosystem.

-Hear stories of rehabbed owls and the special care taken to treat these interesting creatures.

Program Length 30-45 minutes

Cost: $250


Optional add-on:


-Be a biologist detective as you discover the type and number of things that owls eat!

-Participants can explore, dissect, and keep a sanitized owl pellet.

-Discuss the food web and an owl’s place in it!

Program length: 20-30 minutes

Additional fees apply according to number of participants


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This program is designed specifically for Pre-k to 2nd grade children

-Read a short story about what to do if you find a baby animal.

-Learn about the behaviors of the babies of species common to our area (ducks and geese, squirrels, bunnies, song birds).

-Find out how wildlife rehabbers help baby animals every year.

-Meet a special live wild animal friend!


Program length: 30-45 minutes

Cost: $200 (Includes a book to keep for your library or classroom, and a reproducible coloring activity packet)


For more information about scheduling and program content, please contact Jackie Kent